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Anniki poetry festival
Ron WHITEHEAD & Himeko NARUMI •••••••••✗//////

Ron Whitehead is known as the national poet of Kentucky and a close colleague of Hunter S. Thompson. Whitehead’s distinguished career as a poet and author entails numerous poetry collections, spoken word albums and musical publications.

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✗✗✗ FINLAND ✗✗✗

✗ MARIENHAMN - Aland, Miramarparken, May 18,
✗ PORI - Aika Palaa Monitaidetapahtuma, May 20-25,
✗ VAASA - Artopus Festival, Platform, May 27,
✗ PIETARSAARI - Artopus Festival, May 28-29,
✗ OULU - Kulttuuriosuuskunta Puhuri, May 30-31,
✗ ROVANIEMI - Artists’ Association of Lapland, June 1-6,
✗ TAMPERE - Annikki Poetry Festival, June 7,
✗ JYVÄSKYLÄ - Arts Promotion Centre Finland,
June 8-13,

✗✗✗ TAMPERE ✗✗✗

The Annikki Poetry Festival has just reached its 10th anniversary, and has grown to be one of Finland’s foremost poetry events. The festival’s focus is still on poetry, although it has expanded to also include prose, music and the visual arts.

The Annikki Poetry Festival aims to vitalize contemporary poetics and to put together surprising combinations of performers, as well as redefine the very boundaries of what poetry events can be.
The venue of the Annikki Poetry Festival is a 100-year-old wooden town quarter in the centre of Tampere city, which has served as a very special, warm and welcoming milieu for poets and audience to meet and mingle.


Special Guest Performers

The coming summer will bring an amazing cavalcade of international poets to the Annikki festival stage: Hasso Krull (EST), Ron Whitehead (USA), Gerður Kristný (ISL) and spoken word powerhouse Henry Bowers (SWE). Our lineup of Finnish artists includes names as varied as Sirkka Turkka, Olli-Pekka Tennilä, songwriter Kari Peitsamo, Tua Forsström, Kirsti Kuronen feat. Chatchai, Kari Aronpuro, Heikki Sarmanto & Juki Välipakka, rap-artist Rauhatäti – and the Dada Poetry Generator, provided by the Sanakuva collective. The festival will be hosted by Mona Ratalahti.